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We can fight each other, or we can end injustice.

We educate progressive advocates about the causes and consequences of infighting, and provide the tools to immediately help end the problem.

Infighting undermines advocates’ morale and can substantially hurt the performance of teams in organizations 
Infighting makes advocates less effective or ineffective ambassadors for the cause, turning off potential supporters 
Infighting increases the chances that advocates will suffer from post-traumatic stress 
Infighting is a key driver of burnout, leading to diminished motivation and decreased advocacy effectiveness
Infighting prevents the open-minded, critical analyses and discussions necessary for building strategic and inclusive movements

Advocates for justice for humans, animals, or the environment know all too well that infighting is a major obstacle to the success of progressive groups and movements, causing huge wastes of time, energy, and money. Ending infighting is critical to our ability to create a more just and compassionate world.

Infighting is causing our groups and movements to cannibalize themselves. 

The good news

With awareness of the causes and consequences of infighting and access to the tools to resolve it, we can take immediate action to help end the problem and build more resilient, impactful groups and movements for progressive change.

What is infighting?
Learn the tools to end infighting.